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Contrary to the title of this page, we do more than just simple embroidery. Using some of the highest quality machinery, materials, and software, we can create a long lasting design on almost anything you can think of.

Disaster Recovery Embroidery

Embriodery is currently our number one service and what we are best known for. Using the highest quality software and machinery, we can embroider any design on almost anything: bags, hats, jackets, towels, patches, you name it.


Jackals Fabric Appliqué
Custom Embroidered Fabric Appliqué

Do you want to wear your son's team name and number to the game? Or maybe you want to look like the pro you are and intimidate everyone at the company softball game. Look sharp with a fabric appliqué. Go for the smooth, professional look or show a bit of your rebellious side with a distressed logo. Either way, we can create the look you need for any occasion.


Bombadiers Jacket Patch
Custom Embroidered Patches

Sometimes you just want to give people the option to place your design or logo wherever they want and not deal with the hassle of individual orders. That's okay! We can create patches with your logo or design on it for you to give out as needed. This choice is perfect for martial arts schools or other clubs.


Heat Transfer

Heat transferred designs are easy, simple, and gets the job done. Designs that are heat transferred work great for t-shirts. Easily create custom designs using multiple colors and rhinestones to create a shirt you love.


Dye Sublimation

Did you read this in the graphic design section of the site? You did! The dye sublimation process works the same for everything. Dying the object you're transferring the image onto creates a seamless design with little to no color loss. Clothes, mugs, mouse pads... anything you could ever want your logo on!


Screen Printing

There's a reason why people continue to screen print designs on fabrics. Long lasting and durable, the color stays fresh-looking over time.


If you don't have anything to stitch your design on please view our catalog site to see all the products available to choose from!

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